Affordable Dental Care for Patients,
Increased Revenue for Dentists.

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No Credit Check Equals an Easy Application Process

QuickPay approves everyone, so you don't have to worry about a credit check or bad credit history. We want you to have access to dental care and an alternative form of financing regardless of your financial history.

Increase in Patients Equals an Increase in Revenue

Our goal as an alternative to dental financing is to make it easy and affordable for your patients. Instead of losing patients due to their inability to receive affordable dental financing, QuickPay will allow you to grow your number of patients and, in turn, your revenue. With QuickPay, the patients not only can afford treatment, they are happier as well. This results in more referrals and future treatments for your practice!

Enrollment is Your First Step to a Healthy Smile

The QuickPay enrollment process is easy. We just need a few pieces of information, including an active bank account, a valid form of ID, and proof of income and you'll be approved with no hidden fees!

More Access To Care For Patients, Increasing Revenue For Dentists

Our mission at Quick Pay is simple: We help dentists and patients by providing an affordable alternative to dental financing with affordable payment plans. Each year, hundreds of people don't receive the dental care they need because they aren't able to get approved for financing. Whether it's a necessary treatment or a cosmetic procedure, we think every patient should have access to an affordable alternative to dental financing.

This is where QuickPay comes in. We approve every patient with 0% interest, regardless of their credit history, with just a few simple steps. This not only allows the patient access to quality dental care, it also allows dental practices to provide services to more patients. More patients (and happier patients) means increased revenue for the dentists in our preferred network. It's that easy!

Affordable Dental Care Is Just A Call Away!

For more information on how your dental practice can utilize QuickPay's alternative to dental financing and receive guaranteed patient payments, contact us today. If you're a patient looking for a dentist who offers QuickPay, we can help you with that too. Give us a call at (716) 446-5516.

Get Pre-Approved!

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We are currently working on adding participating Eyecare and Veterinarian doctors